Tuesday, October 02, 2007

hiiiii again!
xinyi has yet again forgotten to blog or to go online for an infinitesimal long time.
thing is: we still don't have internet. we're still leaching off our neighbour.

essay due by end of dis mth!
essay due by start of nxt mth.
why's there so much work this yr?
it's insane. i swear! haha~
the medics seem to be having a good time this yr though.
yy n william are so much more free than i am. GRRRR.

miss u peeps.
were discussing muscials yesterday.
and william was like: les miserables is really good. go watch it.
and i was thinking how i should save that for u guyss to come over to the uk to watch =)

it's about 19 minutes before my tutorial starts
i'm at home, typing this.
it's so warm this weeek =) not that i'm complaining
i lvoe the clear blue skies and the warm sunshine!
last week was gross. haha.
in fact, today is as warm as this yr's summer was!!!! HAHA.

i wonder where my tutorial is. hmms.
gah. maybe i should go earlier and see like where it is.
it's 16 minsss left. byebyesss.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

now that i'm back in cold old edinburgh. and boy, is it cold this autumn... even the scots wear coats in this disgusting chill.

currently i'm leaching off wireless from my neighbour. sHHHHHH. so it's laggy and stuff and i dun want to TRY uploading photos until absolutely necessary. and it's miserable to go online. seriously. checking my student account for last minute emails regarding timetables and stuff is miserable enough. but today the BT person will come to activate our line (which the previous tenant has kindly deactivated o_O) thank goodness there isn't that rumoured 125 pounds activation charge. i've spent quite a bit in my first week. my bedsheets and duvet cover cost like 20 pounds altogether. that's like $60 which can buy me up to 6 shirtss o_O it's sunny. i feel like suntanning in my room where it's warm thanks to the heater. which is abit strange but seems to be working. sorta.

i might be going for band tonight. if i can drag my lazy ass out of the house. scary.

i'm going to study international cooperation in europe and beyond (funky eh?), south asian studies 2A (which is like contemporary india - i get to watch bollywood films and discuss it - DAMn funky) and japanese 2A (my favourite naturally )

wonders if hy will read this but HEY i received ur letter. i love it . thankss. it made me feel like crying. so touchingg. AHH. and u're the first to post me a letter. love u *muackZZ*
PLUS i found this girl doing 160 credits meaning she's taking 8 modules spread out through the yr. about 4 per sem. so maybe hy can take 5 modules for a sem after all. she finds it alright. and she's doing like architecture and jap. it's mad. architecture is mad. i've another architecture fren and i never see her. like never. haha but i'll see her soon. maybe for like lunch or sth. surely architects need lunchess? HAHa.

take care everybody
and i love tsemin! take care shuai ge =P

Friday, August 10, 2007

haven't posted for a month.. doesn't seem like it.. and soon, i'll be back in edinburgh..
let's hope it'll be a gd yr..

honestly i haven't been blogging cos my life was -that- unexciting.
i complain abt the guys, and yet, it seems i'm the one who's living my life aimlessly. day after day of routine. a certain reluctance to get out of the house. disgusted at how fat i am everyday, and then, finding excuses not to run or swim everyday. i immerse myself in the world of tv dramas and fantasy novels, never thinking about my life, never doing the things i keep putting off. i'm like that. ever since i've moved (2 yrs ago) i haven't unpacked fully. i havne't thrown away my A-level stuff. all the trinkets i've accumulated over the past 2 decades. windchimes-mugs-photoframes-cards-letters-notes-postcards-souveniers-decorative pieces.
there's so much to do. pack what i need for next yr, check my bank account, ensure my house will be there before i return... i duno what else.

ok i think i'm just a bit emo cos of the show hy lent me.. it's good really. i'm just emo. maybe it's late and maybe cos i've been so carelessly drifting for the past year?maybe longer?

i duno what exactly i gleaned from the show. i just know it made me cry a lot - every time someone dies. haha so embarrassing but it's true. i duno why either. really i dun. but the show makes u think. sometimes it's not as easy as having a win-win situation, or even having a win-lose situation. i guess i never considered this: a lose-lose situation. what do u do then? hy n px would noe what i'm talking about i guess. what do u do if u're a fireman who has to save fires to prevent more people from dying, and in aiming to do so, u have to neglect all the wounded & vulnerable all around u, whom u noe u can save should u choose to stop and send them to the hospital. but what if u can't, cos u noe there's a fire waiting for u to be saved, houses to be destroyed should u but hesitate a second. duno if i'm making sense.. guess u guys gotta watch the show.. it's a jap drama 'emergency room 24 hours'.

today's my dad's bday! happy birthday. i duno why i've never noticed him being so happy before. i think he's like that every yr. just a simple cake, a few handmade cards, and presents all in the same wrapper, a simple song, just the 5 of us. and he smiles like it's the best thing that ever happened to him. maybe i ought to be more observant...

i don't think i can slp tonight.. i just wish someone would keep me company...

Monday, July 16, 2007

whee i revived my chatterbox. in case anyone wants to tag me =) hehe. make me feel popular. whee.
mann. i feel a little retarded. i tink my vocabulary has shrunk to a point after spending a sunday with the boys. it was a byebyeduyang sesssion =( aww. can't believe ppl i noe are scattered over the world. all too soon, yy n paul will be gone in US for a longlong time. forever? feels strange. even now as we study in japan, in us, in uk, in australia. scattered all over the world. am i repeating myself? i feel kinda sad. we shared a life together.. and now our paths diverge. seems weird that i can't just call iris out for lunch when i feel like it. not when she's in australia.. seems strange i can't see ppl whenever i feel like it. seems odd to be estranged in faraway scotland.

even as i embrace my bright new future, a path more or less fixed... past memories doggedly trail me... forgetful as i may be, these memories hold such a tight grasp on me i could never let them fade... haha.. i miss everyone.. anyone who left an imprint on my life.. people who walk across, passer-bys, people who step in and stay...residents.. i'm glad for it all.. duno what i'm saying.. haha but just glad about the way my life seemed to haf turned out alright after all.. and for all the people who made it soo...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

hey peeps. uploaded EVEN more photos =)
haha they're in album 6(edinburgh) though of cos i'm not in edin anymore o_O
whee~ clearly xin is VERY free now or she wudn haf the time to actually upload photos.
ppl. date me!!! haha =)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

stranger in a familiar land
can't remember who said that. me? nic? or when.
paths i've taken several times, with several different people, evoking several memories - seems almost like i'm watching a movie of a past me.
my familiar table, yet i can't bring myself to flip through the files or rummage through my drawers.
i don't remember what's in them or what i'll find.
things don't mean the same. i think.
all the past nittygritty grudges faded in a short span of a year. less.

one thing doesn't change: my friends
(or am i being self-delusional - haha)
worrying that i won't fit in anymore, that i won't understand cos NUS/NTU/SMU life is different.
i'm glad we all can still talk, that we could all spend a familiar night in Nic's house, watching GR, listening to the familiar fanfares, eating - or shall i say binging, laughing, doing silly things, chattering and chattering AND chattering =)
i'm glad my jc class remains the same. everyone even -looks- the same.
and although the rj band ppl have changed visibly, and despite the quarrels and snubbings, we did have a happy day at the beach after all =)

perhaps it was a year of changes after changes that made me appreciate the things that do stay constant.

i love all of u =)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

xin is back in singapore.
not really going out..
but been to vivo! amk hub! central! orchard! ps! far east! toa payoh hubs. manymany places, mostly with my moms.
went out wif the rg ppl. paula! huiyans! tsemins! xiaorisss!
missed everyone.
but all i've been doing really... is errr housework.
i feel like unpaid labour sometimes. HAHA.

going for my 1st band prac todayy.
wonder if i can still play

ANW crux of my post is i've uploaded some of the tm-cl-xy uk trip photos.
and now i've a new album tooo! cos err i exceeded the exciting limit. erps.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

i know- i have groused about skinny people.

BUT i really don't get it.
were young singaporean females always that skinny? always?
it doesn't make sense. where did all these skinny people come from?
what happened to all the marvellous fatty food that singapore is so proud of?
it can't have all gone down these skinny throats!
only salads, with a dab of salad dressing (no, wait, cross that out), grapefruit juices will.

xin has made a resolution to get skinnier =)
but err.. how she will go about doing it.. will remain a mysteryy.

i'll think about it... HMM.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We went to the smallest sovereign state in the world: Vaticano City which is like about 0.4kmsquare. i thinks. i know i shld put a pic of st peter's basilica - it's most notable landmark but i don't feel inclined to so. HAH. i liked the bridge of angels =)
and i posted a postcard to my mommy =) MOMMY! ee.
and how can we miss the all-famous sistina capella, housed inside the vaticano museo along with a ZILLION pieces of great art!! omggg. haha.
now. isn't this a much nicer post.. and after rome we took several trains back to edinburgh and plane la. duh. i think we travelled for more than 12h!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

xin's last post was dreary and wordy and boring - meant for either reallyboredpeoplewithnothingbettertodothantoreadxinyi'sinaccurateversionofitalyratherthanreadingwikipedia's *gasps for breath* or me (who seem to fit into the previous category anw)

so this post will be a little more colourful =) i hopes. (and everyone else fervently hopess.)

soo after siena we truly explored firenze.to the ponte vecchio amongst other things.
we went to fiesole as welll =) a hillside town? to view firenze from the top...

we went to pompeii via napoli (though we did nth at napoli except run to buy some tasty pastry at the pasticeria).
we had a gorgeous lunch at this famous restaurant. it was so posh! and the food was goood! and they had a live band which played TICOTICO!
then we went into the ancient city of pompeii!
spent many hrs walking around and then left for roma termini agains.
did i mention i arrived in rome on my birthday, a drizzly, gloomy day, a day i tried so hard to stay cheerful, and almost spent it quite uneventfully, despite the coldrain, despite the restaurants that were all closed during dinner... and i had to catch the wrong train, ending up 22km away from my accom, and having to take a 60euro taxi ride home =(

we went to the colosseum
and to the trevis fountain which was so beautifull!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

firstly thanks to alllLL the lovely people who wished me happy birthday.
imagine my surprise. it seems as though being stuck in scotland all by myself (not exactly) but like without all of you.. makes me feel a little forgotten. sometimes when i hear about batch outings i'm no longer invited to, just cos it's pointless inviting me. haha! and about sunny singapore thingss. and then on my birthday, facebook gets spammed. xinyi has facebook can u believe it! erps. and my hotmail gets spammed. faces, words and little wishes from bits and pieces of my history re-emerges.. thanks everyonee =) love u alll.. very muchhhies.

xin has vanished for an eternally long time. due to pre-easter-stress in handing up ESSAYSSSS i still HATE essayss. ew.EW.EWWWW. and then pre-easter-vacation-preparationss. endless nights of researching about italy, about train passes, about accomodations, of peering at maps and wondering how far the little red point where my accomm is is from the little green triangle where the station is and the dotted square where the city centre is. hasty packing. is italy cold? don't know, don't want to pack my fat jacket. brings 2 thin jackets. whee. camera. handphone. nothing much else. and we flyyyyyy.

unlike kenny who has decided to write in elaborate detail about the trip, xin is kinda lazy (and hasn't even uploaded her photos so her memory card is bursting full of stratford and italy photoss) so i'll just describe what i feel like. HAHA.

as usual. i like to fly. but the little prestwick airport, which smells of farm and cow dung and grass (trust me, it was a familiar smell, bringing back memories of pony riding), doesn't seem like the departure point of great magnificent aircrafts as we have gotten used to. nothing like the glory of the changi airport, with a few meagre shops just awakening, and a most comforting WH Smith and Starbucks (that all airports seem to have). ok basically we fleww. and landed in bergamo orio sth sth airport at midnight (but it was 1am there o_O) i'm 1h further away from home and my family and my friendss. we spent the night with rowdy!swearing!singing!and notoriously DRUNK scots! again!!! cos scots was playing italy the day after o_O in the 6 nations thingy or maybe not the 6 nations thingy in football in BARI which was at the heel of the italy boot. chased around the chilly night, regretting immensely not bringing the FAT jacket. tossing and turning to the lullabies of scottish national songs yelled over the PA system till a security guard yelled in italian to the scots. we finally got to the next day where we would head off to MILANN. we missed a bus. another bus. and another buss. and we finally got to bergamo station where we had MACDONALDS (kenny's favourite obsesssion - and ian's?) and we trooped off to milann. irrelevantly kenny has calculated and concluded that we have covered roughly 2400km. not 2.4km but 2400km the whole trip. whee~

we reached the hotel and concussed. and got up frantically to go sightseeing in milan. saw the golden quad, felt HIGHLY inadequately dressed though i was wearing a long skirt and nice jacket (which will haunt me for the rest of the trip cos it was cold and that was my thickest jacket) and saw the excellentEXCeLLENT duomo. question: why are all churches dark? kinda ironic isn't it. church where shakespeare is buried is like the brightest church i've been to. HONESTLY. blahBLAH and we went off to VENICe mestre. my favourite place. though venice santa lucia was the main stop, but we stayed a station off, in a lovely camping place in a sweet new cabin by ourselves, which had a grand ensuite toilet and lovely heating. it was a peaceful neighbourly (silas marner!!!) place. and it housed our favourite gelateriaa. DID I FORGET TO MENTION? we had at least ONE gelato everyday. whee. one gelato might mean more than 1 scoop (or gusti as they call it) AND did i mentino my italian is brilliant? i can count up to ten (or more i bet. whee) venice is my favourite place, although we didn't sail down the grand canal in a romantic gondola which is very expensive o_O or even take a traghetteria across the river. i love the small winding paths with obscure dead ends at canals and rickety, dubious signs pointing to piazza roma and ican'tremember o_O. imagine spending 2h wandering aimlessly thru little cobbled paths occassionally chancing upon a bridge cutting across a little canal that runs like a road pass houses, with boats parked in front of them as if cars, sometimes passing through a little piazza, a small little clearing, where little kids play and huge dogs gambol, and then stepping out into a gigantic open space, where the magnificence of the duomo shines at u, glares at u almost. it's spectacular really. amazing. despite the drizzle. the incessant drizzle that drenched my shoes and indirectly burned a hole in my sock (long story). okay, it was grand. brilliant, i love venice. i so recommend walking around aimlessly. seriously.

firenze.florence.in the beautiful gorgeous countryside of Tuscany where vineyards populate (which i didn't see a single one or if i did, i didn't recognize o_O mayb it's the wrong season) trooped off to pisa the first day (so din see firenze). and it's so strange to stand next to the leaning tower of pisa, or to look beyond and see stretches of people standing on the grass, hands outstretched, in a valiant attempt to push over the tower of pisa (or look as if they're doing so) and then get chased off by diligent police, blowing furiously at the whistles and waving at the 'keep off the grass' sign, ironically, the only location where one can get a good photo of them 'pushing' over the 'excellent' architectural fiasco.

it's getting late. i'm getting lazy.. siena will wait till tomorrow

pisa has a GREAT trattoria (a little like restaurant). it's near the main attractions and starts with 'antica.... trattoria' and it serves great food at a decent price (i had seafoood - prawnss and crayfish and FISH and calamari) and despite what all the postcards proclaim, the leaning tower of pisa does NOT light up in the night. i bet they photoshopped the lights. damn. no we din stay all the way till it was dark to see the non-lighting up; we stayed there so we could shiver our way home, after our 3rd gusti of gelato.

Friday, March 09, 2007

xin is still plodding through her philo essay, having decided that kanji portfolio is unimportant.
xin has paid her accomm!
and planned a highlands/skye trip for the singsoc. whether anyone goes is another matter naturally.
xin is going to italyITALYitaly. xin needs to plan italy trip. bah.
xin has a new idolIDOL! - he is... YamaPi! piiiii-chan wa kawaiii~ thanks zun for having shown me 2 of his shows over the xmas holz (dragon zakura & nobuta o produce!)
xin has spent practically half of her time youtubing yamapi and finding yamapi songs and reading about yamapiiii~ (and reading translations of his blog OMG! haha~ xin is crazy momentarily)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

gloomy clouds, grey skiess. walking in the rain.
slight but oppressive drizzle that gets to u like how drops of water goes drip, drip and eventually drills a hole through the hardest rock.
i remember telling someone: oh at least it isn't both rainy and windy.
goes into a cafe for a warm cuppa mocha, thinks all is fine, goes out, and guess what! it IS rainy and windy.
someone tells me: typical day in edinburgh.
one has to agree sometimes.

still aching from pony trekkiing on sunday in the pentland hills.
misty day it was (and yeah rainy)
splashing in the mud in oversized spare wellies.
ugly green wellies and ugly green waterproof sheet.
(pony must have thought i was grass. nose sniffled at the green shapeless thing in front of it. licked. and licked. decidedly not grass. nudged. green shapeless thing moved. pony turns away)
exciting. naughty dessie who's lazy. i kicked gently, it mrufledd and went back to nibbling grass. kicked again. dessie walked a few step and... went back to grass. kicked and kicked. and ppl wonder why sitting on a pony can be tiring.
dessie hates to follow in a straight line where all the ponies are and wanders off despite my tugging at the rein. dessie and i move parallel.
dessie hates marla. everytime we see marla, dessie makes a wild dash at marla (and xin desperately holds on) and attempts a bite. marla rears (and mary desperately holds on).
bazil likes dessie's butt. and licks it. dessie is alarmed and CANTERS towards empty space (xin holds on, pulls the rein and thankfully does not fall off)
xin and dessie are lost in the mist. voices talking ahead. voices talking behind. and all we see is white swirly mist and the sillhouete of a huge pony butt swaying in front of us.
curious sheep stares at trail of ponies.
xinyi is relieved and tired. but xin would like to go again (once i forget how horrifying it possibly might be)

xin has much to do.
we have a kanji portfolio (wth is that o_O)
we have a kanji test (soon)
we have yet ANOTHERRRRR philo essay
we have a miniquiz (potentially more than onee)
we have to pay accomm.
we have to study. and study. and study.
we have to plan italy(?) trip.
we have to... weeeeee. weeeeeeee. i dunno.

byebyee =)

Friday, February 23, 2007

happy chi new yr~ happy valentines'! did i miss anything else? i miss everybody
haha really really miss the whole festive chinese new yr.. seems weird to go to school on chi new yr.. i still went thoughh.. i'm so hardworking.. yay. i'm done with essays for now.. haf another in about a mth's time and a silly portfolio due around tt time too =(

went to portobello the other day~ the beach is pretty! but cold.. like COLDDD! why are there cold beaches? all beaches shld be like for suntanning and stuff.. erghzz. there were many little doggiess.. ohh the other day there was a cat outside my door after all!! it cuddled up to me.. and rubbed its face on my shoe.. it was so affectionate.. haha! i would haf really liked the cat if it didn't extend its claws and tried to climb up my jeanss, scratching me while she was at it o_O but she was cute la.. lala..

Monday, February 12, 2007

ISSS the rg mafia coming to uk?
i'm late for classs but i dun feell like going cos today is a gloomy day =(
and i realise i haf manymanymany things to do. (i hear a cat outside my window?door?howalarming)
politics essay next tues. AH i hate essays. i hate essaysss. i HATE essays. did u just hear me say i hate essays? i hate essays =( i want to *** it's a secrett. and i want to go to the gymm. and i want to err fill up the firefly form due like 2 mths ago o_O AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and i want to pay my accomm. and i want to get a new phonee. and i want to.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so many thingss.. die.die. and i'm late for lectureee.. i better walk fastfastt =( i dun want do essay. no essay... noooooo!!!

xin shall go check out the cat meowinggg.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

hellossh =) xin reports from edinburgh =)
after doing a horrendousss philo essay (i hate essayss =( ) i'm nearlyyy freee~ (well if i ignored the politics essay due like less than 2 wks later o_O)
despite the esssay, i still managed to haf a wonderfull time (As usual)
i hope the rg mafia is still coming to uk =)

xin went to the burn house for the weekend near/in aberdeen where the famouss angus steak comes from. hurhur but i din eat any.

xin was in a rustic-looking house isolated in the countryside amidst hills and woods with only a little village (ezel?) 2 or 3 miles away.
xin took early morning (slpy) walks along gurgling streams and stony paths, listening to the hollow knockings of the woodpeckers and the cries of the pheasants.

xin meditated in the labyrinth and spent idle minutes swaying on the wooden swing.

xin spent exciting nights/mornings/afternoons (well nearly all the time) having/listening to intense political debates about uk/ scotland/ russia.
xin goes for 3-course meals at the sound of the dinner gong, and at other times, have tea and scones or tea and macaroons or tea and ginger biscuits. lovely.

and now xin is back in gd old edinburgh, reading about germany and the failed weimar republic.
on top of japanese, xin suddenly feels inclined to learn french. haha!
xin missess everyoneee. mummy. daddy. sisss.sisss. hy. paulas. px. iris. tsetsemiffss. clarines. chongs. ruis. nics. rg peeps and rj peeps. ohh and i heard that my tagboard iss downn =(

Friday, January 26, 2007

hellos. it is a cold day again!
it's been snowingg. fluffs of snow driftingg.
on the first night it snowed, we went embarrassingly mad, dancing in the snowflakes with chilly toes bared and uncovered by flipflops, with tongues outstretched, eating snowflakes, and hair trapping millions of iridescent flakes. so pretty =)

it's been a busy weeeek. singapore food fest. cooking and cooking AND cooking for the whole week. at least i'm a gd chef *grinzz* haha. doing essays. TWO insane essays for philosophy and politics. trying and trying to keep up with tutorials and giving up on doing the readings for lectures. cooking and cooking at kenny's place. i'm a wonderful chef. hoho. do i need to say that again? ah and looking for flats. an abominable task. at least we've FINALLY settled who's to stay with who. AH. i hope we get a nice place =) where i can cook and cook and continue to be a gd chef. HAHA. ok i shall stop it. lalala.. feel like baking browniesss but too lazy to go buy cocoaa.

i missssssess huiyan. and i'm very exciteds that somee lovely rgssbeeeees are flying to uk to seee us!!!! when do u all intend to come and when do u intend to leavess? then i can err buy my return ticket to singaporess. haha. i end term officially on 25th may, provided my papers are (yet again?) on the last dayyy. hopefully not so i can end earlier.. HAHA. but i'll be chased out of my accomm by 27th o_O so can we pls haf some plannn? or i'm flying back on 27th okss.

and i'vee.... finally succumbed to popular presssure and gotten a facebook account =)

Thursday, January 11, 2007




Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I've finally figured out how to use the japanese input keyy! wheee¬ haha i just fiddled with the language bar thingy and succeeded! yay! happy =)

Happy birthday to Hui Chong!!
チョングさん、お誕生日 おめでとうございます!最近、お元気ですか。手紙を受けりましたか。私の日本語はまだ悪いですから、日本語で手紙を書けませんでした。
haha i think my japanese still cannot make it.. i wonder if it makes sense. haha ee. i hope most people can't read it =) nnehh. clarine don't laughh at me!

i typed a long long post about lnodon but blogger screwed up. and refused to elt me save or upload it. gr. i shall just cut and paste:

belated happy new yr! finally settled down after travelling and travelling. had a great christmas and new year with a part of my beloved rgmafiaa =) my dear shun and nic =) choc fondue. boxing day sales. movies. tower bridge. london bridge. st paul's cathedral. tate modern. madame tussaud's. spending quality time with nic and shun! i'm so glad i got to talk to nic!!! *hugzz* guess we didn't really do much in london. haha! oh yeahh. the producers! lovely and entertaining musical! gotta watch more musicals liek LES MIS! hey tsetsemifff we're waiting for u to come over and watch kk =P
new year, new start. came back with xmas cards in my mailbox. with msgs and calls from uk ppl. snuggling in bed wondering if i ought to go out and see hogmanay celebrations despite the howling wind and pelting rain (i'm exaggerating of course.) and lazy me just slept through it. but miraculously, lucky me found out that hogmanay was cancelled!! AHAHA. thank goodness i didn't trudge all the way to princes st to 'celebrate' hogmanay.
been busy lately bringing kenny's friends around edinburgh, well scotland in general. actually it's just an excuse not to start work and to explore and travel somemore.HAHA. buffet at glasgow. loch ness and nessie. urquhat castle. chopchop. yumyum. shopping. and now the new school term has begun once again =( still don't feel like studying. this yr i shall be more disciplinedd and go to the gym more often and study harder and still keep my 2 new yr resolutions to nic =) as the yr goes on, it may be hard to keep our resolutions.. but we'll remind each other kk =)