Wednesday, September 19, 2007

now that i'm back in cold old edinburgh. and boy, is it cold this autumn... even the scots wear coats in this disgusting chill.

currently i'm leaching off wireless from my neighbour. sHHHHHH. so it's laggy and stuff and i dun want to TRY uploading photos until absolutely necessary. and it's miserable to go online. seriously. checking my student account for last minute emails regarding timetables and stuff is miserable enough. but today the BT person will come to activate our line (which the previous tenant has kindly deactivated o_O) thank goodness there isn't that rumoured 125 pounds activation charge. i've spent quite a bit in my first week. my bedsheets and duvet cover cost like 20 pounds altogether. that's like $60 which can buy me up to 6 shirtss o_O it's sunny. i feel like suntanning in my room where it's warm thanks to the heater. which is abit strange but seems to be working. sorta.

i might be going for band tonight. if i can drag my lazy ass out of the house. scary.

i'm going to study international cooperation in europe and beyond (funky eh?), south asian studies 2A (which is like contemporary india - i get to watch bollywood films and discuss it - DAMn funky) and japanese 2A (my favourite naturally )

wonders if hy will read this but HEY i received ur letter. i love it . thankss. it made me feel like crying. so touchingg. AHH. and u're the first to post me a letter. love u *muackZZ*
PLUS i found this girl doing 160 credits meaning she's taking 8 modules spread out through the yr. about 4 per sem. so maybe hy can take 5 modules for a sem after all. she finds it alright. and she's doing like architecture and jap. it's mad. architecture is mad. i've another architecture fren and i never see her. like never. haha but i'll see her soon. maybe for like lunch or sth. surely architects need lunchess? HAHa.

take care everybody
and i love tsemin! take care shuai ge =P