Friday, March 09, 2007

xin is still plodding through her philo essay, having decided that kanji portfolio is unimportant.
xin has paid her accomm!
and planned a highlands/skye trip for the singsoc. whether anyone goes is another matter naturally.
xin is going to italyITALYitaly. xin needs to plan italy trip. bah.
xin has a new idolIDOL! - he is... YamaPi! piiiii-chan wa kawaiii~ thanks zun for having shown me 2 of his shows over the xmas holz (dragon zakura & nobuta o produce!)
xin has spent practically half of her time youtubing yamapi and finding yamapi songs and reading about yamapiiii~ (and reading translations of his blog OMG! haha~ xin is crazy momentarily)