Monday, November 27, 2006

it's the twenty-seventh. time flies.

been busy mugging. kind of. haha. exams are coming.
received my essay back (my one and only essay this sem that's worth 40% o_O)
quite relieved to know that asian students don't fare worse. haha. didn't do spectacularly well but above average (or at least the average the lecturer told us)

let's see where i've been the past week. i can't remember o_O
AH. sunday was the match between chelsea and man u. both drew. some people tried dragging me to watch at the bar in our halls but i was studyingg! studdying!
saturday was a busy day but i can't remember why. i woke up late. barely did any work then went for nurul's and aliaa's party. wore my sareee. it's damn hard to wear, i look fat o_O haha but the food was good. nurul is an amazing cook. i love the orange, mint, pomegranate salad. and the black pepper chicken that aliaa cooked. ahh. and all the hari raya cookies and sweets. fattening but good. hehe. everyone went mad and decided to gif me a name cos chinese names are hard to remember, and some of the people were having trouble. there was letchmi o_O (cos i was wearing a saree); there was betty (don't ask), i can't rmb.. angelina? haha. okk but i think my name is nice enough okk. so there.
friday. went to the german market. YUM. i had apple strudel with cinamon cream (delicious) and vanilla sauce! haha. and my frens had crepe with banana and nutella. and the dutch pancakess. can't remember what u call them. pflerroteS? haha.. some weird spelling. then they went to drink err.. the german drink.. gerveich? i'm making this up. and they kept the mug cos it's so pretty. i shld do that nxt time. then we went to the asian food fairrr. haha.. had yummy chi food though eddy says it's all chi takeaway o_O but the sushi rice was damn gd!! they put smoked salmon (Which scotland is famous for btw) and seaweed in it. ahhh.. i had half a plate of ricee.. and curry and swt and sour pork and black pepper beef and swt potato soup and a whole lot of irrelevant, non-asian sweets (desserts).
thursday was the xmas light up. it was drizzling and cold. COLD. u get the idea. we stood in the open watching. but it was gorgeous. norway gave edinburgh a pine tree for (something) and they hung lights on it so it became a xmas treee =) it was the opening of THE outdoor skating rink on princes st as well. and they had famous skaters.. some famous guy who was amazinggly graceful and superb. this couple dancers who glided on the ice to the beautiful ballad and make u feel all fuzzy and warmm despite the insistent rain and chilly wind. the amazing 13 year old junior skater. the snowman skater. the sync skaters which was AMAZING. how do like 10 ppl skate in such synchrony? and they wear amazingly little. haha! oh yeahh and the female skater from peter pan on ice (which is coming to edinburgh this january) is AMAZING.. haha man i need to brush up on my vocabulary. but she felll =( and got soaking wet.. but her moves were so beautiful.. ahhh. and it was so wonderful when the fireworks erupted into the sky. so beautiful.. and when the 7 year old girl flicked the switch for the light up, and the whole dark st was suddenly illuminated, the huge ferris wheel behind me beside the cathedral like monument, the little rides scattered along the street, the trees lined with lights. the trees are full of starlight.. (that's from les mis) i felt so blissfully happy and christmassy. and christmas music all abound. ahhh. i want to learn to ice skate all of a sudden. haha!
i can't remember the rest.. it's too long ago.. haha. yay.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

went to glasgow last saturday.

willow tea room. smoked scottish salmon sandwich. apple tea. glasgow school of art. tribal art. magazine on digital drawing - lost. little children on a school trip. sauchiehall street. grid of neatly intersecting roads. wrong turn down st vincent's place. george square! statues. pigeons. pigeons. pigeons. huge christmas tree. snow sled. glass house of statues. back to winsley owens. tea at chapter house. yummy rocky road. marshmellows. fine almond slices. dripped with chocolate, set on a crumbly, crunchy base. mm. princes square. escalator from the street directly into the mall. huge huge huge christmas tree. sparkly lights. holy wreaths. i mean holly wreaths. chocolates in ruck sacks. scots. scots books and scots words at waterstones'. became a drich day. rain pattering. looking out of the bus window to an amazing darkness filled with evanescent orange lights dancing through the magnification of uneven raindrops on the window. home at edinburgh.

Friday, November 17, 2006

long time no post.

went to cambridge last wkend. i had so much to say while i was there. staying in rui's room. having the posh dinner at fitzbillies. having tons and tons of chocolate cakess. eating freshly-made fudge from the fudge kitchen. having a formal! (AH) dressing up and dressing up... hanging arnd wif rui, hanging arnd wif nic, listenin to band prac, (AH) playing cluedo o_O, talking, climbing the mound, visiting the fitzwilliam museum, exploring the rodin's exhibition at kettle's yard, attempting to watch the crucible at the round church. it's such a rui-nic-xin thing to do.

i miss rui and nic so much =( seeing them and leaving them makes it worse =( cambridge days were happy days. AH. okk. stop thinking about it.

i love rui and nic!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

kyoo wa yooka desu. tenki wa kumori tokidoki ame desu. chotto samuiiii~

monday jieying and her friends from ucl came to edinburgh. (ok let me sidetrack) i think it's so cool they travel around so much together, like they've been to cambridge,to oxford, to the highlands (which i, in scotland, haven't been to o_O) and around glasgow. it's like errr we keep asking around to make sure everyone can go, and in the end, it's too late to go, it's really silly, honestly.. okk but next week we're going to glasgow. i don't care. haha~ ANW i met them first after dinner at palmyra (a kebab place), then we went for fried mars bars again! hehe. that's 2 consecutive nights of fried mars bars. but it's good. the toffeee just melts in ur mouth as u go crunch into the batter, and then the sweet blend of chocolate and toffee slides down ur throatAH. i'm addicted to it. then i went to make my railcard (irrelevantly). long storyy.

tuesday. was so slpy i went to slp right after breakfast, waking up only for class at 11.30am o_O haha. then went to join jieying and friends after class at arthur's seat, brought them halfway up, okay maybe a quarter way up cos they only had half an hour, and the view's gorgeous from there anyway. it was quite fun. we took jumping shots. like ppl jumping and we snap (i'm relaly lousy at that)haha. but there was this guy who was brilliant at it. so we had really cool photos, with the mountains (one of scotland's various mountains) as the backdrop, and the city spreading behind, and the people looking as if they were flying, and everyone looked positively happy =) then they had to go offf. so we bade them farewell =(

today'ss an exciting dayy. i feel pretty excited. haha. cos i'm going to bake.. so far i only have an oven which i borrowed from a friend. it's mini so i wonder how many batches i have to do o_O and i need to get a fork (to stir the batter) and 2 big bowls (to mix the batter in) and various ingredients. wonder what i'm going to do with so many eggs though o_O ah weelll. what to dooo.. i love baking =)

Monday, November 06, 2006

kyoo wa muika desu.
another dreary grey day. it was a little grey on saturday, quite grey on sunday, and really grey today. ah well. but today is mummy's birthday!! i managed to wish her birthday at 12am on the dot. she must be having dinner now or soon. then after dinner, we'll wait for daddy to come home, and we'll all sing her a birthday song, except me. maybe i'll secretly singg here and maybe the strains of my voice will be carried by the wind halfway across the globe =P

otooi wa yokka dshita.
woke up really late - a usual saturday morning thing. well but the day got interesting. supposed to meet yoch at 2.30pm outside the chinese supermarket with jo and yy. but jo had to study and yoch was err i dunno, so we changed to 3.30pm. we were slightly late, took such a long time deliberating over what noodles to get, and bumped into yoch's fren (whom yoch talked to for some time), so by the time we got all our ingredients, the sun had set - like literally cos the sun sets here at about 5pm o_O well anw the party is supp to start at like 5pm o_O so we rushed back to yoch's place, it's not funny carrying like 1kg worth of grocery, braving the impossibly strong wind (like everytime it blows, jo and i get buffeted. it's not funny seriously, and running across the huge Meadows. (as in the place is called the Meadows o_O) well we had a little teeny problem with the curry chicken, ie yoch who was supp to teach us and who learnt it the day before kind of forgot the receipt. so yy and i just mixed everything tgt and hoped it worked out. it didn't really taste right. haha! well it was ok. we had lots of mini-disasterss, the drying of the noodless (with a hairdryer by william) and how the electricity tripped every 5 mins, so we had to station hianliang at the main switch o_O, the plucking of the beansprouts (and the thereafter giving up). haha. but anw in the end, it was all polished off by 12 hungry ppl =P the szechuan noodles were highly valued =P yays. it was good ok.. and of cos our beloved finale - our 6 tubs of ice cream.. phish food, chunky monkey, oh my apple pie, dublin mudslide, bailey's!! and strawberry from haagen dazs (the one with the gorgeously yummy strawberry chunks which i made kenny buy for me but william polished it off =( but i am nice and generouss and i admit i ate ahemm qutie a bit.) okk it was haevenly. boy do i love ice cream =)

kinoo wa itsuka deshita.
went to the gym to burn off the icecream - need i say more? haha.
then it's guy fawkes' day. didn't really think we'll be doing much, cos everyone was so nua today. so i (tried to) study and went for an early dinner. we were trying to psyche everyone to go up arthur's seat to watch (and set off hopefully) fireworks. ok but we din get fireworks (quite sad). but anw, the fireworks were cool. there were the noisy ones that end in an anticlimax nothingness, the sparkly ones, the erupt into flames, and the little flames then erupt into a burst of stars. the pretty purply ones. the ones that stroke across the sky, leaving behind glittery dust. the ones that make interesting squiggles in the sky and manymany more. it was all around me. here a bang, there a whoosh, we were stuck at thebottomish of the hill cos we were so awed, and we couldn't focus enough to climb. haha. it was so pretty. u guys got to see it man. and like we looked over the city, the orange sodium lamps dotting the landscape, tracing innumerous roads, and then across the city, as if in a universal common thought, fireworks erupt everywhere. and from halfway up the hill, it seems as though the lights are escaping form the streets into the black crisp air in an attempt to reach their fellow stars. it's so pretty. but all the photos look stupid. haha! cos we haf shaky hands, and cos the 'night' mode of the camera, leaves the shutter open for a long timee. we haf some pretty cool effects though. anw talking about cameras, i took out my camera to capture the first firework of the night AND it said 'low battery' and konked out o_O ok enough said.

anw, we had to go. cos arthur's seat caught fire!!!! some ppl wre getting pretty drunk. i noe it's bonfire night but.. err they aim fireworks at a farside cliff with bushes and stuff, and it caught fire, and the fire spread up the whole side of the cliff. it was fascinating; it was magnificent but it was morbid. there were at least a few hundred people on the cliff that night. it was dark, some people were on top of the hill. if the fire went out of control, and people ran, there would have been a stampede, and we were all kinda trapped in the valley by the growing ring of spectators. 5 fire brigade trucks came wailing up the road, and firemen came running out. by then we could see huge billowing smoke and the red of the flame illuminating the whole hill. but that was only up one peak. we went to eat fried mars bars later (to make up for the interruptino of our fireworks gazing). i shared with yoch okk so it's not so bad =P and byt he time we returned to pollock and looked at the hill again, we could see fire up another peak as well. two peaks ablaze in the dark of the night. the trail of fire slowly creeping up the dry autumn vegetation. it was scary but a new experience no doubt. anw blhablahblah, by the time i actually got to slp, it was 2.30am.

and here i am, 9.30am in the morning, having woken up at 7.55am for breakfast. i have a char siew bao in my room, beside me now.. long storyy. and this entry has been far too long so..
jya mata~

Friday, November 03, 2006

kyoo wa mikka desu.
i don't believe it's currently like 0 degrees celcius o_O. ok when i breathe out, there's condensation but it doesn't have to be 0 degrees right? haha. i think it's cos my room is like a sauna (and i don't know how to turn down the heater) so i'm sitting in my room, windows open, heater on full blast, wearing a skirt, slipperss and a thin sweater and feeling perfectly comfortablee. whee~

tutorial will prove to be boring. as always =( i dislike tutorials. i don't learn -anything- and we are forced to sit down and pay attn. kinda misss jc-style tutorials. ok like those bennylee kind at least, cos we actually learn sth new every class. and u don't exaclty haf to pay attn, cos it's such a big class the teacher can't really nitpick on everyone. here, i think the teachers seem to have no goal in mind about what they want to cover in the class. they just ramble on and do whatever they like just to fill up that 1h. i only go cos they take attendance and i can't miss more than 6 lessons. sighh.

but anyway, friday is exciting. nurul and i will be going to the continental market! i hope i buy lots of exciting stuffs. which reminds me, mummy received my parcel!!! i hope it was a pleasant surprise. hehe. i tried SO hard to refrain from telling her i sent her a parcel cos errr it was such an exciting thingg. i think everyone here is sick of hearing about my exciting parcel o_O okok then we'll be going for the intl students' reception at old college. i hope it's fun and there's gd food. hehe. i feel kinda thrilledd! dunno why also.. wheee~ and it looks like yet another sunny day=) i love sunny days!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

kyoo wa futsuka desu =) tenki wa hare desu =)
i still can't write in japanese. dont know how. been trying, quite frustratingg. GRR.
well it's a typically boring school day.
and i think i'm getting really fat =(
but i just feel like eating and eatinggg.. stop me!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

kyoo wa jyuuichi gatsu tsuitachi desu.
yesterday was halloween.

i didn't really dress up. just made a mask, and like wore a black dress and boots and went out. haha! din noe whether ppl were going out so din want to buy stuff an waste money. oh well, i'll dress up next yr, it's relaly fun =) kenny and justin were mad scientists (justin looks like the theoretical kind, ad kenny just looks like something blew up in his face, quoting yy's words) the girls din really do anything. william went as a pumpkin =) so cute.

we went to teviot place and it was -abit- sian cos there were only bars, no clubs there. and other than kenny who got himself a shot cos he was cold (ahh long story and it's all my fault =( ), the rest of us dun really drink.. but it was really cool. cos there were like sumo wrestlers, BABIEs, vampires, phantoms of the opera, robin hoods, bloody ppl, mummiess (which is really funny), supermen and women, i dunno, flint stones, sexy nurses and doctors, cross dressers, elvis presleyss, santa clauss, tennis players o_O in the freezing cold, wearing shorts isn't funny. and ohhhhhh TREEESS. haha jo's frens even went to buy robins to put in a nest on their hair (which was the crown of the tree) OK anw. we went to the hall and kinda danced. kinda. like the music wasn't very ermm dancey. i think. i guess it's a uk thing? shrugs. there was this drunk guy in a hawaii skirt and like UM bikini? dancing wif us.. and i was trying to drag yy away from himm.. i was so scared he would like hug yy and not let her go. haha. okk. but we were all safe. and we went home happily. did i mention it was cold?

kinoo, ki-on wa san do deshita. totemo samuiii~

err i'll post halloween photos soon. ah yes i forgot. they decorated my common room, and it looks DAMN cool. haha. like webs and sppooky ghostiess and pumpkins. haha. aAND they even decorated my dining hall. and the ppl serving food all haf masks and hats and stuff.. it's really cool. and the dssert was called the fly's cemetary. and like they served 'rats' stew' which was actually beef or sth. haha.. it says so in small print.. it's cool. lol. and i had caramel appless for breakfast.. whee~ i love halloween.