Friday, July 31, 2015

Cyber Security

With technology infiltrating in every realm of our lives, cyber security becomes all the more pertinent.
Imagine the person who can hack into the network.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Newcastle Reflections

Newcastle Reflections #1
I only like Newcastle insofar as it reminds me of Edinburgh

Newcastle Reflections #2
Entered the university by chance really. came across the students having their graduation ceremony and thinking of mine. congregating at mcewan hall. itwas Breezy but sunny. everyone looking smart in their graduation gown, me in my freshly cut bob. sitting in that dark,dark hall. waiting for your turn to be tapped on the head by someone's trousers. gathering with laura, rahima, hannah and some at balmoral hotel, sipping tea with their parents, feeling posh, feeling like i'm part of the system. just as these Newcastle students sit at quillan bros tea house sipping tea. looks like a lovely place to have tea. but it's not for me, at least not today. i shall continue my journey.

London Reflections 2015

London Reflections #1
Coming back to explore  previously unexplored territory. Thinking of the UK as a second home though I've never actually lived in London. But while the people and roads are unfamiliar. The systems, the signs, the accents, the vegetation, the air are all familiar, familiar enough not to give me a jarring sensation, the sensation that tells you're abroad in  brand, new exciting destination. Not to say I wasn't thrilled to be seeing a part of London I haven't seen before, not to say I don't enjoy, but it lacks the thrill and fear of a totally unknown destination. I guess I know what to expect and it is very comforting.

London Reflections #2
Walking my luggage as the residents walk their dogs along the scenic Thames path.

London Reflections #3
a moment of silence for the 7/7 victims. a complete silence as all stopped in their steps and lowered their heads. no clattering of utensils or shuffling of feet. till the intercom sparkled to life, bringing an end to the moment.

London Reflections #4
Kew Gardens is really pricey for a garden without much flowers.

London Reflections #5
An oak tree. Completely bizarre. An actor who doesnt know the script. A hypnotist who lost his skill. A father who lost his daughter. An audience is in the clouds as the two men switched between scripts. A free conversation.. that is totally scripted. The loss of girl who is not dead. The concept, the idea of a person. The concept, the idea of  play. An accident, the actor takes on the attributes of the playwright.

would love to spend more time figuring the play really.
but moving on for now..