Monday, October 30, 2006

helloss. if it's 5pm in singapore now, it's 9am here =) due to the daylight savings thingy, now when i wake up, the sky is actually pretty bright, but the sun goes down at 5pm o_O which is rather alarming. as in by 5pm, it's pitch black!

kyoo wa getsu yoo bi. san-jyuu nichi desu.
today is japanese shopping class. we're not having lessons today! the snrs have made and brought some japanese goods, like food!!! and i don't know. haha. then we'll be buying stuff (if we want) and we'll all converse in japanese. how cool! haha.. boy do i love japanese classes =)

kinoo wa nichi yoo bi deshita. ni-jyuu-kyuu deshita.
yesterday was a horrible day. i woke up, full of the resolution to make this a productive day, go gym, touch up my essay, blahblahblah. but i couldn't find the pg references for my essay, so i had to fake it (shh dun tell my teachers). i was about to leave for the gym when my fren called me to read her essay. that was okay actually cos i gave myself extra time at the gym. ok so i read the essay and i was about to leave with my fren (who was going to buy her lunch) when i realised i couldn't find my keys. both of us searched the whole place, rummaged through all the junk that accumulated in my room since last night, and nurul finally found it! so we hastily walked out, whne i felt my clothes getting wet, checked my bag, and my water bottle had emptied itself all over my clothes, and my towel o_O so i couldn't go to the gym after all, and i was like outside already. i felt pissed. so i walked wif nurul to get her lunch, and walked back o_O after brunch, i decided to try to go to the gym again. this time i got there safely. haha! but i was equally depressed cos i think i look very fat and true enough, i gained 1.5kg!! how is that possible within a week? o_O depressing day. i resolve to eat less potatoes.

otooi wa doyoobi deshita.
we had a halloween party that night. i decided i would go like that evening so i din haf anything to wear. so i just wore all black and wore black eye makeup to look gothic-ish. haha. not very successful i must say. haha! oh well but it was quite fun dressing up. and ppl came to my room to use my make up.. and we were taking lots of photoss. haha of cos my camera ran out of battery the moment i reached the party o_O (As usual) and i borrowed kenny's camera. but of cos he hasn't sent me the photoss. but i'll upload it as soon as i get them. promise! hehe.

lalalala. have a happy day today.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

it's 12.27am. it's 12 degrees. pretty warm already i guess. haha compared to the morning anyway.

yesterday started off brilliantly but ended disastrously.
skipped my friday diet of gym for a politics talk but the hall was too full so they din let us in. went home to skype but wireless connection died. went to pay my easter accom but they want to close the till and told the queue to go home o_O like wth man.

yess. but i've done referencing for one of my bookiess. 3 more books and a few journal articles to go o_O haha i don't feel like slping now though (nor doing my essay as u can tell)

i uploaded lots of newie photoies.

yess huiyan i miss u too!! take caree. i'll reply ur email soon =) yes and peixi and iris and yongjengs and chongs and ahh so many ppl. i gif up.

Friday, October 27, 2006

kyoo wa samui~ ki on wa godo desu!!

was supposed to be quite happening today and go for a politics talk by alastair campbell BUT we arrived too late (although on time) and the hall was full o_O pissed. i feel so unaccomplished now and i refuse to look at my essay again. he! dunno what i'll do thoughh. i feel like wandering aimlessly aboutt, but the sky looks threatening o_O

maybe i'll do my essay...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

kyoo wa ni-jyuu-roku nichi desu. samuii~ tenki wa ame tokidoki kumori desu =(

i'm so happy cos i'm nearly done with my essay. i haf the *drumroollls* conclusion left =) yay. and i have like 200 words before i break the word limit. damn. how does one write a short conclusion? my essay is like my typical composition. a long, careful start with precise diction tapering towards a meandering, careless end with a hasty conclusion. ah well, that's a habit i got to change, and i've identified it, so that's half the battle. wheee~ err well ya. i hope i do well for my essay. man i sound like i so haf no life!! i've been talking about my essay non-stop for AGES.

i feel like going for some scottish mp talk. (amazing how i dun go for singapore rallies and i go for this) it's due to the upcoming scottish electinos i think. and it's for a climate bill. u noe, implementing policies for environmental sustainity instead of mere capitalism, all profit and no consideration. lol. oh yeahh. i'm begininng to regret not doing economics. huiyany huiyan, can u believe i have so much econs to learn, EEKS. and i was reading up on classical, neo-classical economists, keyness. our fav john maynard keyness. adam smithhss and jean-baptiste sayy. it was quite funny cos i wanted to say J.B. Say said something. and somehow it was in the present tense o_O or maybe future tense. so it was like Say says blahblahblah. halloween is coming. i feel like dressing up but i'm very stingy and refuse to buy fancy costumes o_O i mean i'm like 19? but anw there're quite a few halloween partiess. i want to go BUT i've nth fancy to wear. haha~ yay there's so much to look forward to after my essay. ohh i was supp to go for a performance by the rembrandt dance company, but nurul doesn't want to go now cos she wants to do her essay, and i dislike to go for performances alone =( eeks. ah well. =(

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

morning =) it's the 25th, wednesday. it's a truly gloomy day. my phone beeped at 7.30am and i was like 'no way', cos the sky is black. how can it be morning when the sun isn't out? guess that's one thing i'll have to learn to get used to. or i can just have really late breakfasts =P

24th was yeun mi's birthday. on monday, we went to yy's room for the study group that jeffer proposed. doubt much studying went on in there though. haha. i was making a card for yeun mi! and i figured how to write 'happy birthday' in korean. so proud of myself. hehe. okie then jo and i met up with the rest of the koreans and japanese and we sneaked up to yeun mi's room and knocked on her door at 12am. i was terrified tt the fire alarm will go off despite masaya's constant assurance. haha. well it didn't. not even when she blew out the candles, not even when we attempted to relight the candles with a gusty wind blowing in from the window, sending black smoke swirling ominously towards the smoke detector!! cos yeun mi wanted to take a photo of the cake with litted candles.
This are yeun mi's pretty birthday cakess. kirei ne~

The japs and the koreanss =) looking at jo's camera. err yea i got to get the photos from her. minna wa ureshii ne =) chiooo waku waku =)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

it's the 22nd. a really pretty sunny day.
the past few days have been drizzly and cloudy.
upstairs somewhere, someone's playing his electric guitar and singing.
i hear snippets of conversations: i want to write my essay. outside my door.
and yeah, i've spent the past week holed in my little room, reading loads, so i can do my essay =(
man i have no life. haha.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

today is the 21st already, it's 1am. it's pouring heavily.
and just as i was typing this, it err stopped o_O how odd.

yesterday was a long day.
a day of runaway boyfriends, crying girlfriends, of fire alarms, of drizzles, of fireworks in the sky, of ups and of downs.
amazing what one night can hold.
i'm tired.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

hey =) long time no post =) been really busy lately. politics is crazy. they just dumped us an essay due 2 weeks later (less than 2 wks now!!!!) worth 20% of our finals o_O when we haven't really done much AND i've to prepare for a group presentation on quebec this friday. AH. frantically researching, reading and formulating. anw just to update on xin's trackss.

last saturday night, we had a movie marathon, it was me, jo, nurul and kenny. it was hilarious. we rented casanova cos we had nth to do at night andwe felt like doing sth, but the ancient dvd player in the common room wasn't working, so we went to my room and played it on my laptop which had the largest screen. then we felt like watching MORE, so we rented flightplan as well. then jo went to slp. then we went to nurul's room to watch rent, kenny slept after the opening song o_O and i watched lion king till i fell aslp o_O haha. returned to my room at 6am and slept until like 2pm the next day and conveniently missed brunch o_O so i had to make stuff to eat o_O and hence my sunday was wasted =P

monday and tuesday and wednesday, frantically researching and reading and researching and reading. i currently have like 3 books sitting at home, i've only read 1 (the other 1 was useless and i returned it (after reading all 129pgs of it)it was interesting nonetheless). did i mention that politicians LOVE to use long bombastic words? i had to check up eveyr other word. i swear the average word length is like fifteen letters. they use the most obscure terms. i guess i'll haf to learn too =( and today i'm meeting my grp to discuss quebec and i err haven't read ANYTHING about it. haha. i'll haf to catch up during my breaks later =P

oh yeahh i received my parcel on wednesday. thanks momm =) i love the clothes. i wore a white soft sweater today and my friend says it's nice =) though another fren said i look like a little lamb! like LAMB! okk. nvm. i spent the whole of wednesday trying to decide where i can put all my clothes and ararnging my whole wardrobe again =) *smiless* time-consuming yet enjoyable =) and monday night i received a letter from peixiiiiiiiii =) so happy. i love seeing mails in my mailbox. and wednesday night i received the long-awaited letter from rui and nic =) yay. i errr have been tardy in my reply. but err i'll hafta write my essay first =) yay. i think i'll haf to go download a pdf converter. i think i've to change my essay to pdf format. don't ask me why. stupid system. haha.

anw time to go back to reading and reading and reading and readingg =( sux.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

saturday is farmer's market day =)
i bought some gorgeous (and expensive) chocs. i couldn't resist. okay i'm like savouring this passion fruit truffle now. it's heavenly. it looks heavenly. it's a white chocolate ball, an artistic aberration of a sphere, that has golden powder sprinkled lightly over it, so it glistens in the morning sun =) u bite into it, there's a crunch, and ur teeth sinks into the a rich filling of passion fruit truffle. oh, the glorious taste of it! i'm quite sad now that the whole thing is in my tummy =)

i bought 4 other flavours, blackberry, strawberry, whiskey! and and. erm i can't rmb. espresso! haha. BUT i met friends on my way home, and being the nice person i was, i offered some to them, and i have now lost the strawberry and either the whiskey or espresso one o_O sad =( i love chocolate. i spent more than 10 pounds on food at the farmers' market today, pure delicious snackss =) yummy. and i wonder why i'm getting fat. haha!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

thursday is a busy day (but not if i pon the last lecture which is what xin plans to do forever~)
today is SO sunny it's impossible. i wonder if there'll be a blue moon tonight.
it's jap society night again! but i'm not going this time. it's a pub quiz and you gotta pay to go, so too bad. haha. my friends all not going too cos we're all decent non-drinkers. well non-excessive-drinkers anw. yays so i'll be free to think about my essay due in two weeks. DIE. haven't even chosen the question. ah. someone ans me. what on earth is the personal is the political anw? gah. and my notes suddenly have econs termss: comparative advantage will thus give way to absolute or competitive advantage. i'm like err. that's nice.

ANW something exciting happened today. not exciting per se. but well. i'll go on. i was walking home with a friend (as usual) and she bumped into another friend of hers. and then we were talking, and i was like, so how do u noe 'my friend', do u live in the same house? (my residence is like split into many houses! of which my fren's was the nicest and i nv fail to complain about the unfairness)and he was like 'no i live in blahblah house'. and i was like 'wow, can't be, so do i' and then he goes 'strange i nv see ya around, which floor do u live in' and i was like 'first', and he was like 'omg' and he kinda like spluttered and like asked 'do u happen to live like in room blahblahblah' and i was like 'omg, are u like my NEIGHBOUR?! are u (his name)' and he was like 'haha nice to meet u' o_O

that proves how antisocial i haf been since i've arrived. man i don't even recognize my next-dor neighbour. pray let me remember how he looks so i can at least wave and say hi next time without totally embarrassing myself like today o_O

and i still haven't solved the riddle of the mystery gift. oh wait i haven't blogged about it. here goes:

wednesday morning. i woke up at like 8plus then changed and brushed and showered and everything basically, then hurriedly left my room only to find a little pluto plushie hanging on my door handle outside with a tag on it that has my name printed on it and some artistic design in the background o_O scary. i've been asking around, and it's like from none of the singaporean/malaysian gang. and i'm not like close to anyone else i think. except maybe the jap girl. i think i'll ask her some time..

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

today is wednesday, my slack day.

i was supposed to go to the gym on sunday but i didn't o_O

saturday, my seniors had a flat party, with yummy food, like wraps and nachos and finger food they made themselves. it was gorgeous. haha. i think i ate a lot. erps. went home pretty late, but decided not to go clubbing with them at 'espionage'. i kept hearing esplanade, which was quite funny. hurhur. but the clubs here have free entry, so shoik one. cos they noe the uk people will definitely drink =)

sunday, went shopping (as usual) and it was huiqi's birthday. happy birthday to u! so justin, her bf from glasgow (but who's perpetually here) held a celebration for her at night. he bought this HUGE chocolate cake, topped with mars bars chunks and slathered with chocolate icing, and the cake wasn't cake, it was like chocolate i swear, though it looks like sponge. then there were chocolate bits everywhere. ahhH. and i ate a huge slice. ok i didn't finish it cos i was feeling so sick at the end. haha. and there was still leftover. but it was quite sweet cos we all hid in someone's room, borrowed a lighter from our neighbour cos none of us smoke, covered the smoke detector, so we won't have to run out in the middle of the freezing night after lighting the candles, and switched off the light. then her bf led her blindfolded into the room, and we suddenly burst into song. she didn't suspect at all, which was really cool. haha. it was so nice.. we sat around and talked until like midnight or something. haha. everyone was so happy and everything. maybe it was that that made me realize these people will be my 'family' here. every night after school, i'll go 'home' and these people will be the ones who are there. i'm so glad we clicked. i can't imagine how it will be if my 'home' is full of amiable strangers. how strange that would be. they are my third family, after my real family, after my beloved rgssb family and this is my edinburgh family.

monday was boring.

tuesday a friend came to my room for a pillow talk. haha, that's what she called it. and it's so strange, how we know each other for barely a month and now we're confiding our fears in each other. i'm so glad i found these people. now i know where i can find a hug or a listening ear when i'm down. i feel blessed =) and it made me appreciate u guys in singapore a lot, a lot more, all the little things we do for each other, that is so hard to do now.

ok i think today will be another boring day. haha! but who knows?

PS hope rui is fine! heard she was injured while cycling o_O take care guyss..

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Today is a gloomy Saturday. Weather's getting chilly cos it's autumn. Winter is in another 3/4 weeks' time. But xin is still okay with the temperature (other than the mornings). Xin wore a skirt and boots clubbing yesterday! Okay I want to be systematic:

Thursday is a pretty cold day as well. Boy do I have a knack for understatement. Anyway, xin had a long day at school from 12 - 6 but xin happily ponned the 5-6 lect and went home after the 3-4pm lect. erps. then i went for the japanese society thingy at the Peartree Inn, which is this pub, got to know a few Japanese and I saw the big glorious moon, which reminds me of mid-autumn festival tomorroww....

Friday was horribly cloudy in the morning and nicely sunny in the afternoon. After gymming, Iwent home in a short-sleeved shirt because it was so warmm =) and nice. Ask Rui. It'S the kind of weather we had in Cambridge. Sunny and nicely windy. Then went to lunch/dinner? at biblio! which is this restaurant/bar with the tampines mp! but i was err a bit late, and sat at the far end and couldn't really take part in the discussion but i think she asked us for feedback to the governmetn which is really cool, like i don't know, haha, that we are actually important enough to err meet the mp. i think she footed the bill for lunch/dinner. erps. oh man i sound so bimbotic. ok. shut up. then we trooped off to a senior's house. it's HUGE and they pay only 275 pounds per person. it's HUGE i tell u, one guy's room is like the size of a living room, with a couch and 2 sofas, a humongous bed (wonder whyy) and a FIREPLACE! now i think my room is small. haha. anyway, they're having flatwarming on Saturday night then we can all go for free food again =) *smiles* Went to celebrate mid-autumn at St Augustine's Church. (after crashing someone's room to eat chocolates and half a tub of ice cream. yum. ) we ate moon cakes!!!!!!! ok, i was a bit worried i wouldn't get any, but we had lots, cos we knew the event organiser. HAHA. it's nice to know ppl. yay. and we trooped off to a club which had free entry before 11, so we went right before 11 and stayed till about 1plus. by the time i reached home it was like 2am o_O the music was not err very good. some people say it's cos it's a female dj. maybe. but it got better, and a bit more like singapore clubbing music. but it's true ppl dress VERY well here. (other than the asians who went with me, NO ONE was wearing jeans ok, like NO ONE) you know sometimes, in the middle of the freezing night, people wear halter and mini skirt and heels and walk out of the accomodation to the clubs which are at least a gd half an hr's walk cos to put ur coat in the claokrooom it costs ONE pound. sux. haha. but i'm not going to do that man. it's MAD. but anw, ppl here don't really dance, it seems, they like drinking a lot. the koreans danced quite madly though. haha i'm a bit amazed =) oh well, next time, i got to go to a bigger club and see.

xin feels compelled to go check out the nightlife in edinburgh but xin wishes she had better company =( i miss u guys..

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

yay. i post so frequently =)

today is a gorgeous day after all. it's 13 degrees now. i can sit in my room in a spag strap with the windows open. the sun's invading everywhere and the plants are gently swaying in the breeze. i want to go out jogging around the hill or have a picnic or something but EVERYONE i know is having class now =( sucks.

BUT anyway i feel really happy today =) i don't know why. maybe it's the weather. maybe cos i have so much time. i feel like doing everything all at one go. haha. little things. like the girl sitting next to me in class telling me she really likes my bra strap. or like how i got to know someone else doing both japanese AND international relations! and how people talked to me today (uk people) like i belong, like i'm not an international student if u get what i mean. usually, they ask me where i'm from, and go like 'wow, singapore' (and probably thinking 'so where the hell is that') but today, we just talked about normal stuff like lectures and like bitching about lecturers. HAHA.

today is really beautiful. i don't know how to describe it. maybe it's the way the green of leaves and grass looks like it's glowing. and the barely perceptible but constant motion of the plants. (did i mention my room overlooks TONS of vegetation?) and the beautiful blue sky. azure. peaceful. serenity. yet vibrant all together. it's amazing. i miss the rgssb girls =) i miss the clargals! and i miss tuan =) i want to show all of u this but it's not merely a visual thing so there's no point in me taking a photo. it's the whole atmosphere. the smells. the touch of the breeze. i want to share all these beautiful things with you!
i woke up to a morning swirling with mist. when we spoke, puffs of mist were emitted from our mouths. the not-so-faraway castle-like building (they call st leonard's hall) was partially veiled. the sky was grey and dreary. the temperature was 9 degrees celsius.

over breakfast, the clouds in the sky vanished and sunlight cascaded down upon the mist. it seemed like the whole field was covered with sparkles of light off the morning dew. The grass on the hill was a glorious green and the sky promised of a good day.

and NOW, the sky is overcast again but the mist has cleared. the sun barely peeps through and the outside is still and dark.

someone, tell me WHY the weather changes SO rapidly here. so how am i supposed to decide what to wear? yesterday i went out when it was sunny, so i only brought a thin sweater, but it was FREEZING in the evening when i returned o_O no wonder everyone's been catching the fresher's flu. gAh.

Monday, October 02, 2006

autumn is here!! it's getting cold. the weather is amazingly unpredictable! i woke up freezing, painfully dragged myself out of bed! but after breakfast, it was amazingly sunny and warm. haha. ok then i went to school, pleased with the weather. AND THEN after the lecture, it was pouring. like really pouring!! haha. ok numerous things happened but i can't quite recall *beams*

sat. xin went to the farmers' market which was really nice and farmeyy. they had homemade jam and spice cake and cheese and yummy burgers and thingys called borders' tablet which is essentially caramel i swear but it's heavenly. they haf such lovely things i was sampling like all the jams they haf a million flavours i swear. i bought raspberry. it's DAMNnice. haha the lemon marmalade is damn nice too. so is like the three berries preserve =) and blackberry and blueberry and lemon curd and elderflowerr. it's amazing. whee~ ok i shld stop it. ya u get the idea..

okk i can't quite remember the rest. OH i had a picnic on the grass. and there were these 2 REALLY cute girlss. haha who kept disturbing the ppl playing football. so in the end they relented and passed the ball to her =P SO CUTE! haha~ err ya but. i think the rest of the day was quite mundane. OH and i bought a red and white skirt tt looks singapore-ish - so my frens say o_O haha~ oh well.

ok that's all for this rainy night.