Sunday, February 17, 2008

i can't remember when's the last time i blogged.
perhaps at a busy time, like now. haha. i tend to do lots of rubbish during times like this.
well actually all i have left to do now (thanks to the amazing lot of work i did last week) are 2 essays, one due in like two days' time, and the other one within the week.

i haven't done much this academic year. i'm beginning to feel like i've no life. it's not like i haven't been going out or doing things, but maybe i just haven't been going out as much! or meeting as many people as i used to! maybe i met too many people last year o_O i haven't been travelling either. i don't really know where to go and no one has been recommending any place to me. (except that EVERYONE wants to go to amsterdam for some obscure reason and i don't know who to go with) i wish blogger didn't have spell check. it annoys me i can't spell as i like without having some red squiggly line appearing. the weather's pretty good these days (these days when i'm holed up at home, gazing wistfully at the sunshine outside). it's quite cold but sunny. i'll love to go out. i'll even like jogging around arthur's seat i should think. it'll be a long time before i jog again i think. gah.

i caught the nutcracker last thursday! with huiyan! who's finally in scotland! and it's amazing!! like she's just a phone call or 20 mins' walk away. whee. and we can go jogging around arthur's seat, shopping along princes' st, breathing in cold scottish air together. and (i think hian liang has gotten the hang of the scottish accent - i think all you do is go down at the end of the sentence, i think mctay speaks quite like a scot)

i feel really lazy and depressed about my second essay, the one i haven't done, or started on really. just cos i put in so much effort for my first one, and i haven't had time to get a breather, and i'm forced to do so much reading on a totally different essay with writers from a totally different era, like a few centuries' apart, discussing the state of nature, civill society (no kidding, it's no typo that's how it's like with Hobbes) and the Commonweal. which of cos means the commonwealth i.e. the state. the wonderful spelling does not help a mote. and of cos i still don't understand what eudokien (or something like that) means and it's in the passage but it doesn't exist in any dictionary. so what should be the appropriate relation between society and state? is the state obliged to the society or the other way round? i think what i'm going to do first thing tomorrow is ring up all my IR friends who have time to listen to me, and ask them exactly that. and maybe i'll have an idea on how to do my essay. GRRR. mann thinking about reading just puts me off. i do hate this. eeee. i wish i had more time. i wish i could do exciting things and be exciting. i'm boring. i lead a boring life.