Friday, January 15, 2010

So I can't sleep.
And I really don't want to look at my dissertation (OMG the D- word)
So I blog o.o
Not the best idea but...

During the summer hols, I went to Hong Kong with my mom and my 2 sisters :)

We stayed in a nice hotel :)

We got hungry. So we ate some yummy crépes.

Man, we were really hungry. So we had an amazingly HUGE bowl of noodles with ALL the TYPES of ingredients they had to offer. Each.

Breakfast was just porridge. And Char Siew Bao. And Spring Rolls. And Many other Dim Sum. You get the idea.

We went to some scenic place. By the river. At the famous convention centre??

I took a blur photo of my mom and sisss at the famous golden peony statue thing.

And then got a pro photographer (you know those with the big NIXON camera) to take an
equally blur photo of us at the big Guan Yin statue.

Got mommy to take a CLEAR (finally o.o) photo of us loving the lion statues.

Then Jia shows her elation at being in front of a red arch o.o

We got on a boat.

And passed by an awesome floating seafood restaurant (which we didn't go into)

We later step into a jewel/precious rock kinda place, which had a spitting man as our tour leader, introducing (and splattering the poor kids in front with saliva as he went along)the place to us.

And apparently tea in restaurants aren't meant for drinking. They are meant for washing your cutlery.

We went to take the funicular after walking and walking and thinking we were lost o.o Giving me a chance to take one of my awesome black photos of my siss at the station.

At the Peak, who else did we bump into but James Bond?

There was an awesome view, but who needs pictures of that? Nah, we just got a French guy to take A photo of us blocking the view :)

How can any trip be without the usual toilet trip to get freshen up and take a few photos in the mirror?

And although Daddy didn't come along, we didn't forget Daddy <3

And tea break came not too soon. With typical Hong Kong egg tarts and milk tea. Nom nom.

Went to the Avenue of STars at night forgoing dinner just to catch a lousy light show of buildings. We were hungry. HUNGRY!

So, NATURALLY, we headed to an all-you-can-eat buffet STEAMBOAT. i mean, boiled stuff is healthy right?

Our last horrible moments at the hotel, after finishing a yummy dessert, waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for that irresponsible ***** who didn't fetch us to the airport... (ONe of my wonderful dark photos)

It was a great trip despite the minor glitch at the end. And maybe it's my curse with travelling. The return trip was a bit horrifying but we returned in the end :)

Maybe I'll do Japan next. Except I don't know where my photos are.
And they're all of Huiyan so I need her approval.
Then maybe New York. which is like in this SD card too for some reason. Yay. Just wasted 45 mins of my life doing this o.o Uploading photos is HORRIBLE.