Friday, January 26, 2007

hellos. it is a cold day again!
it's been snowingg. fluffs of snow driftingg.
on the first night it snowed, we went embarrassingly mad, dancing in the snowflakes with chilly toes bared and uncovered by flipflops, with tongues outstretched, eating snowflakes, and hair trapping millions of iridescent flakes. so pretty =)

it's been a busy weeeek. singapore food fest. cooking and cooking AND cooking for the whole week. at least i'm a gd chef *grinzz* haha. doing essays. TWO insane essays for philosophy and politics. trying and trying to keep up with tutorials and giving up on doing the readings for lectures. cooking and cooking at kenny's place. i'm a wonderful chef. hoho. do i need to say that again? ah and looking for flats. an abominable task. at least we've FINALLY settled who's to stay with who. AH. i hope we get a nice place =) where i can cook and cook and continue to be a gd chef. HAHA. ok i shall stop it. lalala.. feel like baking browniesss but too lazy to go buy cocoaa.

i missssssess huiyan. and i'm very exciteds that somee lovely rgssbeeeees are flying to uk to seee us!!!! when do u all intend to come and when do u intend to leavess? then i can err buy my return ticket to singaporess. haha. i end term officially on 25th may, provided my papers are (yet again?) on the last dayyy. hopefully not so i can end earlier.. HAHA. but i'll be chased out of my accomm by 27th o_O so can we pls haf some plannn? or i'm flying back on 27th okss.

and i'vee.... finally succumbed to popular presssure and gotten a facebook account =)

Thursday, January 11, 2007




Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I've finally figured out how to use the japanese input keyy! wheee¬ haha i just fiddled with the language bar thingy and succeeded! yay! happy =)

Happy birthday to Hui Chong!!
チョングさん、お誕生日 おめでとうございます!最近、お元気ですか。手紙を受けりましたか。私の日本語はまだ悪いですから、日本語で手紙を書けませんでした。
haha i think my japanese still cannot make it.. i wonder if it makes sense. haha ee. i hope most people can't read it =) nnehh. clarine don't laughh at me!

i typed a long long post about lnodon but blogger screwed up. and refused to elt me save or upload it. gr. i shall just cut and paste:

belated happy new yr! finally settled down after travelling and travelling. had a great christmas and new year with a part of my beloved rgmafiaa =) my dear shun and nic =) choc fondue. boxing day sales. movies. tower bridge. london bridge. st paul's cathedral. tate modern. madame tussaud's. spending quality time with nic and shun! i'm so glad i got to talk to nic!!! *hugzz* guess we didn't really do much in london. haha! oh yeahh. the producers! lovely and entertaining musical! gotta watch more musicals liek LES MIS! hey tsetsemifff we're waiting for u to come over and watch kk =P
new year, new start. came back with xmas cards in my mailbox. with msgs and calls from uk ppl. snuggling in bed wondering if i ought to go out and see hogmanay celebrations despite the howling wind and pelting rain (i'm exaggerating of course.) and lazy me just slept through it. but miraculously, lucky me found out that hogmanay was cancelled!! AHAHA. thank goodness i didn't trudge all the way to princes st to 'celebrate' hogmanay.
been busy lately bringing kenny's friends around edinburgh, well scotland in general. actually it's just an excuse not to start work and to explore and travel somemore.HAHA. buffet at glasgow. loch ness and nessie. urquhat castle. chopchop. yumyum. shopping. and now the new school term has begun once again =( still don't feel like studying. this yr i shall be more disciplinedd and go to the gym more often and study harder and still keep my 2 new yr resolutions to nic =) as the yr goes on, it may be hard to keep our resolutions.. but we'll remind each other kk =)