Saturday, June 23, 2007

xin is back in singapore.
not really going out..
but been to vivo! amk hub! central! orchard! ps! far east! toa payoh hubs. manymany places, mostly with my moms.
went out wif the rg ppl. paula! huiyans! tsemins! xiaorisss!
missed everyone.
but all i've been doing really... is errr housework.
i feel like unpaid labour sometimes. HAHA.

going for my 1st band prac todayy.
wonder if i can still play

ANW crux of my post is i've uploaded some of the tm-cl-xy uk trip photos.
and now i've a new album tooo! cos err i exceeded the exciting limit. erps.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

i know- i have groused about skinny people.

BUT i really don't get it.
were young singaporean females always that skinny? always?
it doesn't make sense. where did all these skinny people come from?
what happened to all the marvellous fatty food that singapore is so proud of?
it can't have all gone down these skinny throats!
only salads, with a dab of salad dressing (no, wait, cross that out), grapefruit juices will.

xin has made a resolution to get skinnier =)
but err.. how she will go about doing it.. will remain a mysteryy.

i'll think about it... HMM.