Monday, July 16, 2007

whee i revived my chatterbox. in case anyone wants to tag me =) hehe. make me feel popular. whee.
mann. i feel a little retarded. i tink my vocabulary has shrunk to a point after spending a sunday with the boys. it was a byebyeduyang sesssion =( aww. can't believe ppl i noe are scattered over the world. all too soon, yy n paul will be gone in US for a longlong time. forever? feels strange. even now as we study in japan, in us, in uk, in australia. scattered all over the world. am i repeating myself? i feel kinda sad. we shared a life together.. and now our paths diverge. seems weird that i can't just call iris out for lunch when i feel like it. not when she's in australia.. seems strange i can't see ppl whenever i feel like it. seems odd to be estranged in faraway scotland.

even as i embrace my bright new future, a path more or less fixed... past memories doggedly trail me... forgetful as i may be, these memories hold such a tight grasp on me i could never let them fade... haha.. i miss everyone.. anyone who left an imprint on my life.. people who walk across, passer-bys, people who step in and stay...residents.. i'm glad for it all.. duno what i'm saying.. haha but just glad about the way my life seemed to haf turned out alright after all.. and for all the people who made it soo...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

hey peeps. uploaded EVEN more photos =)
haha they're in album 6(edinburgh) though of cos i'm not in edin anymore o_O
whee~ clearly xin is VERY free now or she wudn haf the time to actually upload photos.
ppl. date me!!! haha =)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

stranger in a familiar land
can't remember who said that. me? nic? or when.
paths i've taken several times, with several different people, evoking several memories - seems almost like i'm watching a movie of a past me.
my familiar table, yet i can't bring myself to flip through the files or rummage through my drawers.
i don't remember what's in them or what i'll find.
things don't mean the same. i think.
all the past nittygritty grudges faded in a short span of a year. less.

one thing doesn't change: my friends
(or am i being self-delusional - haha)
worrying that i won't fit in anymore, that i won't understand cos NUS/NTU/SMU life is different.
i'm glad we all can still talk, that we could all spend a familiar night in Nic's house, watching GR, listening to the familiar fanfares, eating - or shall i say binging, laughing, doing silly things, chattering and chattering AND chattering =)
i'm glad my jc class remains the same. everyone even -looks- the same.
and although the rj band ppl have changed visibly, and despite the quarrels and snubbings, we did have a happy day at the beach after all =)

perhaps it was a year of changes after changes that made me appreciate the things that do stay constant.

i love all of u =)