Sunday, May 17, 2009


Performer: Alexander Rybak
Song writer(s): Alexander Rybak
Song composer(s): Alexander Rybak

Years ago when I was younger
I kinda’ liked a girl I knew.
She was mine, and we were sweethearts,
That was then, but then it’s true

I’m in love with a fairytale
Even though it hurts.
‘Cause I don’t care if I lose my mind;
I’m already cursed

Every day we started fighting,
Every night we fell in love.
No one else could make me sadder,
But no one else could lift me high above

I don’t know what I was doing
But suddenly we fell apart.
Nowadays I cannot find her.
But when I do we’ll get a brand new start

I’m in love with a fairytale
Even though it hurts.
Cause I don’t care if I lose my mind;
I’m already cursed

She’s a fairytale Yeah
Even though it hurts.
Cause I don’t care if I lose my mind;
I’m already cursed

Being not-very-intellectually swept off my feet by a cute Norwegian boy born in Belarus, who broke the record of the highest votes in the Eurovision song contest. CLassically trained in both the piano and the violin (since his parents are a famous pianist and a famous violinist respectively), he played the 'Fiddler' in the Oslo Nye Teater's version of Fiddler on the Roof in 2007. He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo sweeet <3

Maybe it's just the song - it's like every girl's dream to hear such a charming boy sing that to you~ And fairytale... you get what I mean. He is so adorable :D and he played so hard he broke the strings on his bow (unless I was mistaken and that was actually decorative strings -.-) And he gave this random girl a kiss while walking out for his encore... what a lucky girl! ahhhh~

Monday, May 11, 2009


long ago, someone (sarah?) told me there was this taiwanese drama called 'fated to love you' whose main character is called chen xinyi (YES i know) and even the chinese characters are EXACTLY the same as mine.

freakily, (out of boredom)i went to check out the actress (in case she's pretty) and she's the main character on 'Frog Turned Prince' (qing wa bian wang zi) whom I always thought was uglier than the 'slut-of-the-show' - in fact, i've always wanted the prince to get together with the other girl just cos she's prettier (i know, don't say anything). AND THE FREAKIEST THING OF ALL? the actress (who acted the character with the exact same name as mine) has the SAME BIRTHDAY AS ME!!!!! ffs. talk about coincidence. i mean i'm not exactly 164cm, not 47kg (actually i might just be 47kg lol)

and did i mention - the character is (quoting dramawiki) 'a really unfashionable working class girl' - thanks very much! now i know where all this unfashionable vibes are coming from~ maybe an acquaintance who always thought i was unfashionable wrote that show - maybe -.-
I have a dumb-blonde blog.

You know, when I read some of my friends' blogs, I'm like 'wow they are so intellectual'. They discuss current affairs, make ironic comments on the world economy, challenge the status quo and discuss potentials.

I suppose I could do that - in my essays/ exams. But - and the big but - I need somewhere to talk about myself :D Selfish old me, I know. I mean, current affairs intrigue me only in the context of my academic work but as a girl, I don't care? xD Don't get me wrong, I do love doing politics and writing essays about the crux of the Asian Financial Crisis and the failure of democratic peace theory -.- But the girl in me lives a separate life - of shopping, of romantic movies, of fashion, of sunny beaches and bikinis, of baking sweets, of creating birthday cards, of making music :) But the woman in me analyse the world critically, laugh at the welfare system cynically, view charity work sceptically and ponder over world affairs. The woman in me tuts at the silly models on 'S Factor' while the girl in me yearns to be there with them -.-

Life is a dialectic, a pendulum swaying endlessly between 2 extremes. Some may find the equilibrium in the end, but others... keep on vacillating.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

whee~ walked out of my house for the first time in uh.. 2 weeks?!
it's cold alright - but i guess warmer than winter - but not exactly summer material, i don't think.

after looking at all the beautiful pics of people on facebook or whatever, i feel quite ugly sitting at home in my pjs, with my hair all messed up, and my eyebags sagging - and all my photos look so drab. and feeling really fat, cos all i do is eat (alot) and sit down and stare at my lappie xD

but going out made me feel so much better - some fresh air in my system, hair neatly done up, (a little make-up :P), my lovely boots, white jeans, without my fat ugly coat, but just a scarf to spice up my sweater - i don't look TOO bad :D maybe it's cos i saw some 'ugly' photos of celebs on The Mirror today xD and it made me feel better - like no one can look good ALL the time, can they?? after all, who (but me) posts ugly photos on their facebook - clearly only their best-looking and sexy and (photo-shoppedddd - bordering on self-delusion now, aren't i)photos go online.

i want a shopping bud. anyone?
my exams start on 12th may - it's going to be realism in IR first - which might well be my weakest subject - ah well get the worst over and done with - speaking of which, i haven't actually gone to collect my RIR essay, like I don't know where to? and now that the collection date is over, I don't know HOW to -.- Don't really care *shrugs*

then it's going to be 13th may - approaches to politics and IR.. the boring one, and the kind i screwed up in year 2 (a bit like a mix of SPE and SPT)about methodology, about ontology, epistemology and so on - basically, you don't study anything in particular, just a really broad perspective though i do think the way the lectures were conducted were much better - just cos it connects, and the essay went alright - i mean i would totally love a 1st class, but i'm happy with the 2.1 *shrugs*

and then my last is on 20th may - so 1 week after the rest and i TOTALLY haven't touched it, i'm leaving it for that week -.- might be a bad idea especially since kenny will be done by then, and i'll feel like slacking :( (haven't gone shopping for agess - wanna buy pretty pretty clothes - have a burning desire to doll myself up) but it's Political Economy of East Asia which is like my best subject -.- cos it deals with reality (i mean, you would think realism in IR deals with reality but FAR from it) and i see things happening and i understand them. all that fluffy talk gets me - i am clearly not a political theorist xD

i would - if possible - try to do a dissertation on tourism but i think it's kinda difficult - international relations plus tourism = ?! needs some imagination, plus i haven't particularly read ANYTHING remotely about tourism in my 3 years doing IR. makes u think, doesn't it? not like my dissertation is gonna help in my future career or anything...

in fact, i think watching 'the apprentice' helps more~
so watch out for this column.. cos i think i'll do a 'Apprentice's guide to doing Business' lol.

i'm really jealous of kate.
i wish i were blonde and pretty :(

Thursday, May 07, 2009

When did boys come into our lives?

It suddenly struck me as I looked at the facebook photos, as the girls-dominated photos get replaced gradually by the boys-dominated ones.

Why did they become so important?

That not a single conversation goes by without mentioning at least one of them, that every consideration has to take care of their interests, that what they think actually matters.

Girl power, anyone? Anyone at all?

Friday, May 01, 2009

“Each has his past shut in him like the leaves of a book known to him by heart and his friends can only read the title" Virginia Woolf
well that was long ago.
the essay's back but i don't know where to collect it from.. so erm, well!

i look at people's photos, i watch the telly (oh my beloved telly) and i think - i ought to dress better - i do. i ought to wear pretty dresses, and keep up with the fashion with high-waisted skirts and lovely trenches, and flashy belts, and chunky necklaces, way-too-high heels and everything.

but i don't want to throw away all the clothes i've bought in the past years though they'll never match the image i want to be. dress like you want to be, not dress like yourself - says a certain telly show. and you know what, i think i might jsut start doing that.