Saturday, February 28, 2009

maybe i should do my dissertation on the policy of non-intervention in ASEAN xD
it's been a long time.
since the piano played...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

hey i'm back. i took photos of the chocolate truffles i made last night xD
but i'm lazy to upload now xD and i'm lazy to sort through my christmas photos too
i feel inspired to make more truffles - they seem kinda successful :P though doing the chocolate shell was a bit messier than i thought it would be.

xin has become more egoistic over the months xD
i was looking at my very first few posts (firstly i didn't really remember any of those things happening - how come i managed to do so many things but i don't remember) and i realize that when i first started writing a blog, i didn't use 'i'. it was just xin this and xin that and she did this and she did that. lol. suddenly i feel older.

xin thinks she revives her blog during essays/exam times cos that's the time she feels the loneliest.. sitting by herself in front of her laptop, reading, editing and typing, the clicking of the keys on the keyboard fills the silent room :( occassionally the sound of a car engine zooms past, or the sound of happy chattering walks by, and just some times, a little sunlight filter through, illuminating the room for a while... but otherwise, it's just so quiet and dim in here. maybe no one reads the blog anymore, but it somehow feels like i'm talking to someone, maybe someone in the future who suddenly wondered how xin is doing and decided to peruse her blog entries... maybe to myself when i'm 30 years old and wondering what i used to do..

from my window, i see the chimney of the next block - the sun is filtering through the blinds now, casting shadows of the books i lined on the window sill.. the light is reflecting off the pots and pans that i left sitting on the hob because i'm too lazy to keep them in the cupboard. the light never reaches the sofa where i'm sitting. but it's warm here, because the heater is right behind me.

i think i will go to the gym and run for the first time in like a month o_O and then come back and type a boring essay on rational choice theory! byee..
Tada - as usual I'm back only when I'm busy
So I have 2 essays due in less than 2.5 weeks o_O and another 2 weeks later xD
But I just spent the whole day, making chocolate truffles - which taste kinda decent :D

So I was sorting out some photos.. and I was thinking, I SHOULD so start a culinary blog xD cos I like to try new recipes - even if they sometimes fail ugh. Mainly cos I can't really be bothered to follow recipes closely or convert properly when they use things like oz or lb or 1 cup - i mean how big a cup am I supposed to use o_O (pretending I'm not aware of measuring cupss...) Well, anyway, here are some things I cooked (judging from the dates on the photo, sometime between the Dundee trip and like err Christmas xD)

This is Sambal Fried Rice with a Sunny Side Up :P i.e. Nasi Goreng

This is a healthy Pan-grilled Salmon with Brocolli and Potatos on the Side

This is Sambal Noodles with Spicy Homemade Meatballs xD

This is Penne in a Spicy TOmato Sauce (which has Mayo, Tabasco, Paprika...)

THis is ummm Chinese Noodles with Chicken in Black Sauce - man I suck at naming things

ROast Chicken-Pretending-TO-Be-TUrkey with Sage and Onion Stuffing xD Okay, I cheat cos this is the Christmas dinner Rui, Nic and I prepared

THis is Steamed Fish with TOmato and Mushroom and Ginger - which my Mom always makes and which I love to eat xD

This is Yummy Yummy Laksa - which um is actually cheating, cos it's Prima Paste o_O and this is like the only thing I didn't cook from scratch. Erps.

I have been cooking recently - but mostly now quite as exciting... Just pasta, or Papa John's pizza (they're having some promotion right now) I cook very delicious pork with apple sauce too!

Sometimes I watch food-shows. Like MasterChef.. and I wish... I wish I could cook like them :D