Tuesday, October 02, 2007

hiiiii again!
xinyi has yet again forgotten to blog or to go online for an infinitesimal long time.
thing is: we still don't have internet. we're still leaching off our neighbour.

essay due by end of dis mth!
essay due by start of nxt mth.
why's there so much work this yr?
it's insane. i swear! haha~
the medics seem to be having a good time this yr though.
yy n william are so much more free than i am. GRRRR.

miss u peeps.
were discussing muscials yesterday.
and william was like: les miserables is really good. go watch it.
and i was thinking how i should save that for u guyss to come over to the uk to watch =)

it's about 19 minutes before my tutorial starts
i'm at home, typing this.
it's so warm this weeek =) not that i'm complaining
i lvoe the clear blue skies and the warm sunshine!
last week was gross. haha.
in fact, today is as warm as this yr's summer was!!!! HAHA.

i wonder where my tutorial is. hmms.
gah. maybe i should go earlier and see like where it is.
it's 16 minsss left. byebyesss.