Tuesday, February 27, 2007

gloomy clouds, grey skiess. walking in the rain.
slight but oppressive drizzle that gets to u like how drops of water goes drip, drip and eventually drills a hole through the hardest rock.
i remember telling someone: oh at least it isn't both rainy and windy.
goes into a cafe for a warm cuppa mocha, thinks all is fine, goes out, and guess what! it IS rainy and windy.
someone tells me: typical day in edinburgh.
one has to agree sometimes.

still aching from pony trekkiing on sunday in the pentland hills.
misty day it was (and yeah rainy)
splashing in the mud in oversized spare wellies.
ugly green wellies and ugly green waterproof sheet.
(pony must have thought i was grass. nose sniffled at the green shapeless thing in front of it. licked. and licked. decidedly not grass. nudged. green shapeless thing moved. pony turns away)
exciting. naughty dessie who's lazy. i kicked gently, it mrufledd and went back to nibbling grass. kicked again. dessie walked a few step and... went back to grass. kicked and kicked. and ppl wonder why sitting on a pony can be tiring.
dessie hates to follow in a straight line where all the ponies are and wanders off despite my tugging at the rein. dessie and i move parallel.
dessie hates marla. everytime we see marla, dessie makes a wild dash at marla (and xin desperately holds on) and attempts a bite. marla rears (and mary desperately holds on).
bazil likes dessie's butt. and licks it. dessie is alarmed and CANTERS towards empty space (xin holds on, pulls the rein and thankfully does not fall off)
xin and dessie are lost in the mist. voices talking ahead. voices talking behind. and all we see is white swirly mist and the sillhouete of a huge pony butt swaying in front of us.
curious sheep stares at trail of ponies.
xinyi is relieved and tired. but xin would like to go again (once i forget how horrifying it possibly might be)

xin has much to do.
we have a kanji portfolio (wth is that o_O)
we have a kanji test (soon)
we have yet ANOTHERRRRR philo essay
we have a miniquiz (potentially more than onee)
we have to pay accomm.
we have to study. and study. and study.
we have to plan italy(?) trip.
we have to... weeeeee. weeeeeeee. i dunno.

byebyee =)

Friday, February 23, 2007

happy chi new yr~ happy valentines'! did i miss anything else? i miss everybody
haha really really miss the whole festive chinese new yr.. seems weird to go to school on chi new yr.. i still went thoughh.. i'm so hardworking.. yay. i'm done with essays for now.. haf another in about a mth's time and a silly portfolio due around tt time too =(

went to portobello the other day~ the beach is pretty! but cold.. like COLDDD! why are there cold beaches? all beaches shld be like for suntanning and stuff.. erghzz. there were many little doggiess.. ohh the other day there was a cat outside my door after all!! it cuddled up to me.. and rubbed its face on my shoe.. it was so affectionate.. haha! i would haf really liked the cat if it didn't extend its claws and tried to climb up my jeanss, scratching me while she was at it o_O but she was cute la.. lala..

Monday, February 12, 2007

ISSS the rg mafia coming to uk?
i'm late for classs but i dun feell like going cos today is a gloomy day =(
and i realise i haf manymanymany things to do. (i hear a cat outside my window?door?howalarming)
politics essay next tues. AH i hate essays. i hate essaysss. i HATE essays. did u just hear me say i hate essays? i hate essays =( i want to *** it's a secrett. and i want to go to the gymm. and i want to err fill up the firefly form due like 2 mths ago o_O AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and i want to pay my accomm. and i want to get a new phonee. and i want to.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so many thingss.. die.die. and i'm late for lectureee.. i better walk fastfastt =( i dun want do essay. no essay... noooooo!!!

xin shall go check out the cat meowinggg.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

hellossh =) xin reports from edinburgh =)
after doing a horrendousss philo essay (i hate essayss =( ) i'm nearlyyy freee~ (well if i ignored the politics essay due like less than 2 wks later o_O)
despite the esssay, i still managed to haf a wonderfull time (As usual)
i hope the rg mafia is still coming to uk =)

xin went to the burn house for the weekend near/in aberdeen where the famouss angus steak comes from. hurhur but i din eat any.

xin was in a rustic-looking house isolated in the countryside amidst hills and woods with only a little village (ezel?) 2 or 3 miles away.
xin took early morning (slpy) walks along gurgling streams and stony paths, listening to the hollow knockings of the woodpeckers and the cries of the pheasants.

xin meditated in the labyrinth and spent idle minutes swaying on the wooden swing.

xin spent exciting nights/mornings/afternoons (well nearly all the time) having/listening to intense political debates about uk/ scotland/ russia.
xin goes for 3-course meals at the sound of the dinner gong, and at other times, have tea and scones or tea and macaroons or tea and ginger biscuits. lovely.

and now xin is back in gd old edinburgh, reading about germany and the failed weimar republic.
on top of japanese, xin suddenly feels inclined to learn french. haha!
xin missess everyoneee. mummy. daddy. sisss.sisss. hy. paulas. px. iris. tsetsemiffss. clarines. chongs. ruis. nics. rg peeps and rj peeps. ohh and i heard that my tagboard iss downn =(