Monday, July 20, 2009

was checking our the edinburgh festival cos i'm FINALLY going to attend this year, and found this blog entry by someone who's been for the SINGAPORE ARTS FESTIVAL.

Ah’ve shairly had a bonnie week oot in Singapore,
An’ seen some things ah’d nivver see at hame in Scunnerlaw
If ye care for pianney wurks, be chooser or be beggar,
Ye’ll nivver hear them better pliyed than by Joanna MacGregor
The next nicht ah wis sae jet-lagged ah thocht that ah micht faint
Insteed ah saw a Latvian play, t’wis jist like dryin’ paint.
“The Cherry Orchard” nixt ah seen, an’ it wis awfy braw,
It had been directit by famous Lin Zhaohua
The final sicht that thrilled ma een wis Warld Famous’s “Crackers”,
But then ah hud tae go an kip, fir by then ah wis knackered
The venues fer the festival, doon by the waterfront
Ah’d huv tae say, wi’ haun on hairt, that they were brillyunt.
Sae noo ah’m hame, wi’ sichts and sounds amangst the best seen yet
An’ a’ ma freens can say tae me is “Wha’s a jammy get?”
Ah dinnae care, it’s been a time ah’ll mind fer evermore,
Ah’ll ayewis treasure memories o’ bonnie Singapore

(Taken from the 22/6/2009 entry at

Thursday, July 16, 2009

there's only one thing in my mind.

limelight.raffles (institution x.x) junior college band.not that they were particularly good, rather, the reverse.esplanade.clarinets. the lights. the uniform. mr oura in black suit black bowtie. then mr oura in white suit maroon bowtie.

almost like looking at myself in the past. wondering if anyone in the audience was like us. pointing out how brian's junior looked very red in the face. how the soloist's instrument looks unpolished and unoiled. how the alto sax guy has an annoyingly arrogant face. or the chimes girl has a run in her stockings. or how the weird looking perc guy play the piano shockingly well.

the same uniform. the blazer, the white shirt the black office skirt. strange how the juniors were all wearing stiletto heels when we wore court shoes. strange how i always felt like i looked really smart in the uniform when the juniors look so.. small-insignificant. the uniform isn't much after all.

but seeing mr oura talk to the band, and how the front row clars smiled at his encouragement as he prepares to cue them in reminds me of all the times before a piece when he would say something or make a funny face, the times when i felt really inspired, when the band breathed together as one, or when u sit back during a long rest and listen to the band, or whn your section conquers a particularly tricky part. everything everything makes me want to play again.


i think i'll be disappointed at my sound.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i forgot why i wanted to post!

*thinks hard...*


but the only thing in my mind now is.. i should stop doing this --> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. the evil laughter thing. seems like i find everything hilarious.

was reading 'the hours' and was reminded of the 'article' rui showed me at botanical gardens a few saturdays ago. those were the days :) i hate being old and having responsibilities and thinking about the mundane boredom of life.

okay whatever. back to research.

Monday, July 06, 2009

What do you do when you're back in Singapore?

ok i'm trying to write a blog entry cos i'm irritated and i can't get to sleep and i went online to do something constructive and because i've been thinking about meeting up with people and doing things and wondering what to do back in Singapore and knowing there isn't much time if i just let the days pass by but i'm lazy and i can't be bothered to think or to go online to find out if people are free because i don't have their handphone numbers - so.

the end.